Goodbye Dear Sofa

I've been thinking about moving to a new apartment recently, just for a change of scenery and this has prompted me to think about all the stuff that I own. I began to ask myself "do I really want to bring all of this stuff with me to a new home?" and the answer was [...]

125 and on the decline

I've done multiple wardrobe declutters over the last 18 months and I am always amazed at how much I end up donating. Right now I've gotten to a point where I have pretty much all my clothes for winter and summer fitting into my wardrobe. I'm pretty proud of this because it used to be [...]

The Luxury of Minimalism

When I first discovered Minimalism, I fell in love with the concept of living with less. The simplicity, the lightness and the purity of the idea was what drew me to it. However, after watching countless videos on Minimalism and decluttering, I feel like even this simple idea is now being exploited and commercialised. With [...]

Minimalist Learnings & Realisations

Depending on how you found out about minimalism, if you happened to stumble across it via Youtube like I did, the initial impression you may have gotten was that minimalism is all about decluttering and relinquishing a significant proportion of your material possessions. Then as you fell further down the Youtube rabbit hole, you may have realised that [...]