No Spend Month: Staying Strong

Bought: Groceries

Did not buy:

  • $32 cigarettes
  • $13.95 eco produce bags
  • $160 worth of soapnut shampoo bars from the UK, even though I really, really wanted to
  • $239 new handbag for work
  • $23 new bigger Keepcup in grey like a true minimalist *joking (not really)*
  • $137 worth of dress jewellery, rose gold rings to be specific

Total saved by staying strong: $604.95

Each one of these had its own set of temptations that I had to resist and one thing I noticed is just how easily I’m influenced, especially by marketing. And that’s pretty sad, considering I work in marketing and I know exactly how brands create this false sense of “need” and urgency, when in actual fact all of the things I wanted to buy are squarely in the “want” category and will probably still be there later, be the same price later and I’ll most likely find something I want more, later.


  • Cigarettes – this one is obviously a set of self created temptations, namely that I’m addicted to cigarettes
  • Eco produce bags – I’ve been watching more zero waste videos on Youtube and a lot of them mention using produce bags as a way of minimising the use of plastic bags when buying fruits and vegetables. This is probably my biggest weakness – when I’m really interested in something, I truly believe that in order to be good at whatever it is, I need to buy everything associated with it, immediately.
  • Soapnut shampoo bars – the above weakness can also be applied to these bars. I saw a few of my favourite minimalist/zero waste Youtubers recommend these and they became a ‘must-have’. Then once I added items to my cart on the website and didn’t complete the purchase, I got a voucher for 10% off, which nearly pushed me over the line – but no, I stood my ground. I know one day I will purchase them, but I have convinced myself that day won’t be today…in fact it will most likely be the day when I’m nearly out of shampoo and the British Pound is weaker against the Australian Dollar.
  • New handbag – again, I’m starting a new job and I feel like in order to put my best foot forward I need perfect work outfits, accessorised by the perfect larger work bag. I had to tell myself repeatedly that what’s more important to the job is actually being able to do the job and getting along with people. However, it was still a difficult decision to turn away from buying the bag, especially since it was at 25% discount (for a limited time only of course) which meant a saving of over $80.
  • Keepcup – I already have 3, but again it was on sale (29% off) and this one is bigger, made out of glass and in a minimalist grey – but I shouted to myself: “You already have THREE! Who cares if its in minimalist grey if you fail at being a minimalist?”
  • Rings – I’ve been wanting these for a long time and they’re currently 20% off storewide. I talked myself out of buying these because I had to recognise the fact that I don’t actually wear rings, and when I do, I usually lose them.

Anyway, I’m finding it very tiring having these silent, mental arguments with myself, in my head, all day long. I am really hoping that once I get better at not spending money, that this tedious back and forth will stop or at least significantly lessen. Either that or I’m going to go crazy and then I’m going to have to spend all my hard earned savings on a psychiatrist.

2 thoughts on “No Spend Month: Staying Strong

  1. $160 for soapnut shampoo??? Heart attack territory! I’m sure you could find it cheaper somewhere else 😄 I use the lush stuff and I think it’s maybe…. $7?


    1. Haha yeah..its because the soapnut shampoo is from the UK and the shipping costs almost as much as the actual shampoo. But I am planning on buying a big order (7 shampoo bars and 2 charcoal soaps) so that I have enough to last a long time so I can avoid having to ship another order. Lush shampoo bars here are $15 each and are half the size so it actually works out to be roughly the same cost, unfortunately.


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