No Spend Month: Cigarettes

Depending on how you look at it, this was either a great idea or the dumbest idea ever. I decided to quit smoking the same time I decided to start my no spend month.

Considering one packet of cigarettes (Winfield Gold Optimum Crush 30s) costs around $34-$37 now in Sydney, not smoking will do wonders for my savings account. It also helps with the quitting (in a way) because every time I think about going out and buying cigarettes, I also think “It’s no spend month and ciggies aren’t necessities, so don’t buy them”.

On the other hand, I am literally going crazy. Quitting shopping and smoking at the same time feels like the equivalent of chopping off one of my hands. Because the quitting and the no spend challenge is a “thing” that I’m so conscious of now, I can’t help but think about it. If it wasn’t a “thing”, I think I would’ve actually thought about both shopping and smoking a lot less than I have over the last couple of days. In that way it’s actually making it harder. I know this because I have quit smoking multiple times, so I have previous experience to compare to and usually I’ve quit for at least 3 months and often for 6+ months at a time without too much difficulty. Not only that, but I normally don’t find it difficult for the first month to 6 weeks. It’s always around the 2 months mark that I get cravings and once I get over that point, I’m good until the 6-7 months mark.

Right now I’m at the 2 day mark and I think about it every 10 minutes or so. It is driving me up the wall. I really hope that I can persist with the no smoking and no spend, but at the moment it is very hard to do.

I’ve thought about buying cigarettes at least 12 times while writing this post.


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