Hello Space, I’ve Missed You

So I’ve been on my minimalist journey for well over a year and a half now and during that time I’ve discovered how much it has come to mean to me and how much I want to be a minimalist.

Last year in September, my boyfriend at the time moved in with me. Now, I live in a small one bedroom apartment so there’s not much space to begin with. When he moved in, he brought over all his stuff….and I nearly had a heart attack.

To be fair, its not like he had a humungous amount of belongings. I’d say it would’ve been the average amount for most people, maybe even a little less. But for me it was like he’d brought a whole department store into my home.

What really made it hard to handle was that he had no interest in minimalism. In fact he was the opposite. He just kept buying more and more stuff (and not even useful things, but things that served no purpose). To top it off, he wasn’t very diligent with cleaning or organising either, so his stuff was everywhere.

I seriously nearly lost my mind. That was when I realised just how important space was to me and how much I needed things to be tidy and organised. Every time he brought something new into the house, I literally had to restrain myself from crash tackling him to the ground and choking him out.

Needless to say, that living arrangement didn’t last long and neither did our relationship. He moved out at the end of December. When he left, I felt such relief – like a heavy weight had been lifted. I also felt free – free to move, free to think, free to be comfortable in my space.

He still has a few things at my place, including a single mattress which is squished up against the wall behind my sofa. This is currently the bane of my existence. I have been asking him to move it for the last few months. I think he is finally going to come get it this weekend. I CAN NOT WAIT for it to be gone.

But one very valuable lesson I learned from all this is that whoever I decide to share my life with needs to be a minimalist, an aspiring minimalist or at the very least, not a maximalist and not someone messy. I can no longer stand clutter in my environment. When I see it and I can’t get rid of it, I feel such strong unease, almost as if I’ve been injected with adrenaline while at the same time being trapped in a very small cage.

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