Un-Minimalist Moments

I have been very un-minimalist the last couple of days and it kind of makes me cringe a little on the inside.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, there was the possibility of me getting a new job that would require a more corporate dress code. Well yesterday the job offer came through and I’ve decided to accept. I’m very excited, but it also means I need to update my work wardrobe a little since I’ve been wearing pretty casual outfits to work for the last 3.5years.

I’ve purchased the following online, but I know for sure I’m not keep all of these items (I won’t know until I receive the orders):

  • 2 x black work pants & 1 x beige work pants – I’ve traditionally worn jeans to work through autumn/winter so I currently only own 1 pair of work pants. Even if I like the pants I purchased, I most likely won’t keep all three pairs – probably just 1 black pair and the beige.
  • 1 x black handbag – for this new job I’ll be catching the bus to work rather than driving my car which means I need a bigger handbag to carry my things in. Right now I have a tiny handbag which only fits my phone, keys, wallet and a small cosmetics bag. Everything else I just keep in my car e.g. jacket, lunch bag, etc
    Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.52.59 am
  • 3 x black high heels – I’ve been wearing black slides for the last year or boots in winter but I feel like they would look too casual for this new work environment. I won’t keep all three pairs of heels, probably just one – I bought 3 because I wanted some options to try on and to be able to pick my favourite.
  • 2 x flat shoes – again this is because I’ll have to walk and catch the bus to work instead of driving so I need some flat shoes to change into for the journey. Right now I actually don’t own any professional/semi-professional looking flat shoes. The only flat shoes I own are thongs (a.k.a flip-flops) or sneakers. Even though I am trying to be a minimalist, I refuse to be one of those people that is dressed in a pencil dress and wearing sneakers.

I also bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite. This partially had to do with the new job in that:

  1. I wanted to get myself a little gift to celebrate getting the new job
  2. I want something I can take with me on the bus to work

I feel a little guilty about buying it because I don’t need it, but I have wanted it for a long time and kept putting it off. However, to make myself feel a bit better about it and also to ensure I make use of the Kindle and read more, I am going to unsubscribe from Netflix. That eases my guilt a little because at least now I know I will use and love my Kindle and I will be saving the money from Netflix to pay for it.

Also following on from my ‘Minimising for Different Seasons‘ post, I’m now going to declutter some more sweaters since I know I won’t be needing them for work anymore. One in, one out – the Minimalist way, right?


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