Minimising for Different Seasons

Space. I love space – physical, mental, emotional space. As 2018 gets well underway, I’ve continued my minimalist journey and have been decluttering bits and pieces every week. So far I’ve decluttered 101 items this year and have used up/worn out another 28 items. Although the majority of these were clothes, it also included shoes, bags, toiletries, homewares, decor, etc.

I just did another wardrobe declutter today and I’ve ended up with another garbage bag full of clothes to donate. It is amazing how many items of clothing I have accumulated over the years from my online shopping addiction.

What has been difficult in terms of decluttering my closet is the different seasons. Here in Sydney, Australia, although the weather is very warm during summer, winters are still quite cold. The problem is I can’t remember how cold. This year has been unusually warm (probably due to global warming) and because it has been warm for so long, I can’t actually remember what the cold feels like, which makes it hard to throw out winter clothes. For example, in the southern hemisphere it should be the middle of autumn now but the current temperature is 31°C (87.8° F).

Another thing which is making decluttering difficult is that I will be changing jobs soon. For the last 3.5years my work wardrobe has been pretty casual (e.g. black jeans and a sweater or blouse). With the jobs I’m currently applying for, a few of them will definitely require a more formal work wardrobe e.g. pencil dresses, button-up shirts, work pants, etc.

Right now my autumn/winter wardrobe features about 18 knitted sweaters which covers home clothes, casual weekend wear and casual work outfits. If I get a new job that requires more formal attire then it means only 3, maybe 4 out of those 18 sweaters will be appropriate for work.

Also, because I can’t remember how cold it gets, I can’t seem to work out how many sweaters I’d usually wear just at home and for going out over the course of a week. As I write this, it has just occurred to me that regardless of how many sweaters I need in a week, I definitely don’t need 18 unless I’m going through 2.5 sweaters a day, every day.

Ok…so I guess it’s time to try again and to take a long hard look at my sweater collection. But one thing I did realise from all this is that when winter finally comes, I really need to take notice on how many of my winter clothes I actually wear and also, how often I wear them in a week.


3 thoughts on “Minimising for Different Seasons”

    1. haha I tried to declutter my sweaters after that post but sadly only managed to get rid of one. I’m just going to have to wait for the cold to see what I really need and what I really don’t.

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